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      Active Pharmceutical ingresients
       About Us

      Established on the basis of departments and core technicians of Shandong institute of Pharmaceutical industry in 2004, Jinan Kehui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is consisted of synthesis lab, pharmaceutics lab, analysis lab, pilot-scale experiment research department, and Dipine Chemical Co., Ltd. Our labs are equipment with the complete facilities and leading instrument which can meet the requirements of pharmaceutical research and development; our technicians are very skilled in lab to research and develop new products, but also well at the practical production of APIs. Now, we are mainly engaged in the research and development of new drugs, research and development of chemical APIs, intermediates and fine chemicals, and the optimization of production methods.

      Located in Shandong Qihe, Dipine Chemical Co., Ltd. is consisted of R&D dept., QC dept., production dept. and sales department. All the staffs are experienced technicians, and are good at R&D, production management and quality control. Equipped with the leading facilities, Dipine specializes in the synthesis of cardiovascular drug, cerebrovascular drug, ophthalmic and diabetic drug. Produced by unique method, the quality of our Dihydropyridines type of calcium antagonists ranks the leading position in the world. Now, our products are well sold in EU, USA, Japan and India, etc. Business idea: to get development by making innovation, to get market share by excellent reputation, to be a winner by excellent quality

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